As You’re Preparing Your Flight Plan

We’ll help your business stay on course

with purpose, direction—and a destination.

Before pilots depart, they design and prepare a flight plan. This is crucial because it determines many essential factors, such as fuel requirements and costs, arrival points, alternate airports, passenger count, cargo, the type of flight (visual or instrument), vital aircraft information, the length of the journey, the flight path, and most importantly, the destination.

Simply put, a flight plan is a map—a strategy—that clarifies the pilot’s goals and objectives, monitors them along the way and keeps the airplane on course to the final destination.

Like a pilot, every CEO, Business Owner or Entrepreneur needs a business flight plan. Today, too many businesses leave the runway without a flight plan, or they don’t monitor and make adjustments along the way and get off course, have to make a premature landing or worse.

Also critical, a pilot always files the flight plan with air traffic controllers—personnel who aid flight. Without someone knowing their flight plan and proactively monitoring them, they would be flying at a greater risk to not only the airplane, but also their crew and passengers. As CEOs, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs design their flight plan to take off and achieve the next level, how do they ensure they are still on course if they are not in constant communication with flight control?

They File Their Plan with “Flight Controllers”

Like Wingspan Thinking.

We make sure they’re headed in the direction, make real-time deviations to avoid turbulence, but always get back to the smoothest flight plan possible to reach the destination.

Do you have a plan?

If your business is under five years old, you probably know the dismal odds of having a fifth birthday (the optimists say under 20%). If your business is over five years old and you’ve settled into a routine, you may not be aware that a pernicious threat known as disruptive innovation may have you in its crosshairs.

Wingspan Thinking deals with both of these issues through the process of validating your business model and creating an interactive financial model of the business you aspire to run. Our client is ready to start on a trajectory of growth and realizes a flight plan is crucial to success.

Our blend of skills comes from starting and growing businesses, developing and continuously enhancing our interactive software tool and proprietary process that is the nerve center of our consulting assignments, teaching University-level entrepreneurship and innovation and providing step-by-step coaching and mentoring for over 1,000 businesses. When we look at your business through this prism, we can see around many corners that you have not yet imagined, along with gaps and inconsistencies you’ve missed. We illuminate unfair advantages that will be disruptive to competitors that you have not yet realized.

Your tool. Our process.


This proprietary process is called Wingspan Innovation Architect™. The crucial planning cornerstone for our clients, it gives them the tools and the resources to gain clarity and implement with outcomes. It consists of five phases that are described above and in detail in a White Paper. If you would like a copy, please see the section below on White Papers.

Are you ready to work on your Flight Plan?

Before accepting a client, we have a conversation about you and your business using a document entitled, “Are you ready to work on your Flight Plan?” Our goal is to understand each other as people and professionals and decide whether we can achieve wonderful outcomes together. We describe what we do, how we do it and talk about previous engagements. We interact, offering thoughts and suggestions and listen carefully to what you have to say. We determine whether we can help you and your company, and if we cannot, we will respectfully decline to take the engagement.

If we believe can help, we discuss scope, costs, timing (all elements of our flight plan) and make a very provocative challenge that helps you determine our value to you.

Ask yourself:

  1. Are you impatient to grow your business more rapidly?
  2. Do you have a flight plan for your business?
  3. If so, does your plan pay attention to disruptions, introduce new innovations or know where your company will be in five years?

Not sure where to start?

Let Wingspan Thinking help chart your course for continued success.

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If you would like a copy of “Are you ready to work on your Flight Plan?” please request a copy below.