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Wingspan Thinking positions our clients to find a clear vision and effective strategies in order to drive next level success. By leveraging successful, customized solutions, a proven process called Wingspan Innovation Architect™, implemented with tactical coaching, strategic mentoring and integrated sponsorship support, we help them become better leaders, grow their organization and achieve specific, measurable results.

Simply put, whether you’re the CEO, taking the Entrepreneur path, building your own business or working in an Executive position, our mission is simple. We help get your business from where it is to where you want it to be.

Wingspan Thinking –

An exciting intersection of three worlds

  • Founder and CEO Chris McEvoy, armed with an MBA degree, worked for a Fortune 50 company where he learned respect for best practices and knowledge of how huge companies work and how to sell to them.
  • McEvoy led the company he founded for 17 years and grew to 350 employees, $70 million in revenues with a global marketing footprint. Growth was funded through bank loans and angel and venture capital investors. An international financial firm bought the company as a strategic acquisition.
  • Current academic thinking from Purdue University, a major research University named by Carnegie as one of the top 108 “very high research activity” institutions. McEvoy has been on the faculty for several years as a Continuing Lecturer in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate Program, open to any student at Purdue who might wish to commercialize an idea.

Three Basic Pillars of Every Successful Business

From the very beginning, Wingspan was founded with intimate knowledge and experience in the three pillars of every business—finance, marketing/sales, and operations/production. The mix of knowledge and wisdom combined with entrepreneurship, innovation and passion turns us into an active catalyst for our clients.

At Wingspan, we’re passionate about what we do and about our clients because we know what it takes to build a business—we’ve been there. We’ve lived in the trenches—we understand the daily struggles; having experienced the ups and downs and complexities of growing a company in many markets and having faced the same challenges and issues our clients encounter.

More importantly, we not only understand today’s business and leadership challenges in an ever-changing economy, but we also fully recognize being the one at the top can seem like the loneliest job in the world. But that’s where Wingspan brings even more value to our clients.

At the same time, we become a confidant to the CEO, someone with whom he or she can discuss any issue knowing that strict confidentially is always maintained. We provide encouragement when the CEO is feeling pressure; we provide strategy ideas when the CEO isn’t sure what to do. We never command, we only advise.

Time and time again, we hear from our clients that we’re not just about the business. Through our services, strategies and well thought out solutions, we strike a chord that offers them a calmness and stress-free environment they have not felt in quite some time. Simply, we are in the game, on their team, not on the sidelines watching the game unfold. We work alongside our clients, helping them build their strategic plan and charting their company’s future direction.

As the leader of your company, does your business have vision? Do you realize the potential of your employees? Are you building long-lasting relationships with your clients? What’s your unfair advantage? How will your company look in a year? In five years? Where might your company be vulnerable to disruptive innovation? How might your company become a disruptive innovator? If you intend to look just the same as you do now in ten years, you probably won’t be around.

Like the pilot of an airplane, you are ultimately in charge—you are responsible for the successes—and the failures. Do you have a flight plan? Do you have a flight controller, like Wingspan Thinking, who aids you in your journey along the way? Learn more about our Services, and how we can get you started in the direction of sustainable growth.

Would you like to continue this discussion on a more personal basis? Feel free to contact us through our Contact Page.

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akes you, your business and your company culture to the next level.

At the core of Wingspan Thinking centers our relentless ability to provide excellence and integrity in everything we do, every day at every level, helping our clients build insightful, responsive and disruptive companies that grow and achieve sustainable results. By harnessing current academic thought pertinent to ideation, finding unmet market needs, establishing unfair advantage and using our highly personalized, interactive proprietary process, Wingspan Innovation Architect™, we offer new and distinct solutions that address their unique challenges. Learn more about our exclusive process on our Services page.

Meet Our Founder and CEO

Chris McEvoy

Chris McEvoy’s passion is to help CEOs, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs and their companies grow and succeed. His more than seventeen years experience as CEO of the company he founded, along with his service as a Continuing Lecturer, for the Purdue University, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Certificate Program, has provided him the insight and wisdom into what helps business professionals become effective leaders and companies achieve breakthrough results. The combination of his first-hand experience and innovative approach helps integrate a process that ensures alignment between his clients and their companies’ strategic mission and vision for the future.

His extensive in the trenches Executive experience helps him understand the struggles of CEOs and Business Owners alike. A leading authority on strategic planning, objectives and vision, Chris uses his depth and breadth of expertise, insight and real-world knowledge to work alongside companies to create disruptive organizations and unlock their plan for long-term sustainability and growth.

Feel free to contact Chris at 317.372.7815, or email him at

Expert Associates & Strategic Alliances

In addition, Wingspan Thinking has assembled one of the most experienced, professional teams in the Industry, comprised of our seasoned Associates and many strategic alliances with proven experts in the fields of law, bookkeeping, payroll, accounting, finance, sales, marketing, human resources, insurance, strategic planning, cost recovery, Information Technology and personal financial planning. We freely refer these resources to our clients.

Get in touch with us today to see how Wingspan Thinking can put your company on the path forward to success.